Although Phnom Penh may be known for its memorials to the Khmer Rouge genocide, it also has some more aesthetically pleasing sites to visit.

One of its most popular attractions is the Silver Pagoda, which is certainly a welcome reprieve from the somber sites connected with the Khmer Rouge. The Silver Pagoda is located on the south side of the Royal Palace compound. Notable features of the pagoda include the silver tile floor for which the structure is named. Over 5,000 silver tiles, weighing over 1 kg each, span the length of the pagoda’s floor. Also worth seeing is the Emerald Buddha inside the Pagoda. Unfortunately, photography is not allowed inside the Pagoda itself, so I cannot show you these features. 

The front of Cambodia’s Royal Palace, just days after the King’s remains were laid to rest in February 2013.

A monk passes in front of the walls of the Royal Palace.

Elephants adorn the side gates of the Silver Pagoda complex.

Stupas surround the Silver Pagoda. 

Buddhas inside the Silver Pagoda complex.

View of the Silver Pagoda.

The beautiful red doors of the Silver Pagoda.

Visitors walk around the balcony of the Silver Pagoda. Although visitors are allowed inside the shrine, cameras are not.

Elaborate decorative elements on the doors of the Pagoda.

The courtyard of the Silver Pagoda boasts beautiful gardens, statues, and stupas.

Decorative elements on the side gates leading into the Silver Pagoda complex.

Murals adorn the walls enclosing the Silver Pagoda, separating it from the Royal Palace.

A side view of the Silver Pagoda provides a beautiful view of the pagoda’s ornate, Khmer style roof. 

Buddha found outside of the main Pagoda complex.

 Monkeys roam outside the Silver Pagoda complex. I liked this little guy’s expression.

Before you go: 

You will need to wear appropriate clothing to enter the temple compound, as it is an active place for worshippers. Pants should cover the knee and shirts should cover the elbow. 


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