This year in travel far exceeded our wildest expectations.

When the year began, we didn’t know if we would even leave the country, let alone that we would move out of it!

By the end of this year, our travels will have taken us all over our home region of the northeastern United States, as well as to Belize, Guatemala, Mexico, China, Hong Kong, South Korea, and Spain. Phew! No wonder we’re so exhausted!

Last year we selected just one photo, this little guy in Peru, as our favorite travel photo for the year. This year, that was a bit tougher, so we decided to narrow it down to five. Then we realized we couldn’t even do that …

So without further ado, here are our ten favorite travel photos from 2012:

10.) The Empire State Building framed inside the Manhattan Bridge in the DUMBO section of Brooklyn / New York City

 9.) Gazing back at the Franconia Ridge along the Appalachian Trail in the White Mountains / New Hampshire, USA

Franconia Ridge New Hampshire

8.) Memorial to the Korean War, honoring families that were separated by the 38th parallel, the arbitrary line established to divide North and South Korea after World War II / South Korea

South Korea memorial
7.) An evening football game / El Remate, Guatemala

6.) “The Bean” in Chicago’s Centennial Park / USA

5.) Tiantan Park / Beijing, China

4.) The Tower of the Fragrance of the Buddha atop Longevity Hill at the Summer Palace / Beijing, China

3.) Maya ruins at Cahal Pech / San Ignacio, Belize

2.) The “Wild Wall,” an un-restored section of The Great Wall of China

GreatWall of China

So which photo was our favorite this year?

I could never pick just one photo, just as I had difficulty even selecting these ten, but one experience definitely stands out above the rest …

1.) The Demilitarized Zone (DMZ) / Border of North and South Korea

This year took us across the globe to places we never imagined we would see (or live!). We hope you have enjoyed following our adventures this year, and we thank you for joining us on our journey.

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