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How to spend 2 weeks in Thailand

Do you dream of taking that dream trip to Thailand, but feel constrained by your limited vacation time? Fret not! Here’s how to enjoy your dream trip to Thailand in just two weeks! Read more


7 places I never thought I'd want to visit in Asia (but I do!)

Before we moved to China, visiting Asia never really interested me. Now I have too many places to visit, but too little time! Read More


How we find time to travel (and how you can, too!)

Only two weeks of vacation a year? No problem! Find out how we travel so much with so little time. Read More

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Peru has something for everyone! Find out how to make the most of your time in this diverse country.

United States

Whether you have two weeks or just a few days, you can enjoy some of the best America has to offer!


Discover how this small Caribbean nation can become the trip of a lifetime.

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