I usually find that, if asked, I can ramble on and on about each of my trips for days on end.

But for some reason, with Myanmar it’s different. My experience there is difficult to put into words.

If you’ve been following along over the past few months, you probably know my husband and I traveled to Myanmar at the end of December / beginning of January to volunteer with a network of orphanages. The children were beautiful, loving, and full of energy and helped make our trip to Myanmar one of our most treasured travel experiences to date.  We enjoyed our time in Myanmar so much that we have (tentative) plans to return next year.  It is my hope that over the coming months I can find the appropriate words to reflect upon this trip and share more with you all about why it was so special. But for now, my words fail. My emotions overwhelm.

Because words cannot adequately describe how much I appreciated this trip, I decided to conclude my coverage from our time in Myanmar by sharing a few of my favorite images from the trip. Enjoy!

A young boy transports a bushel of hay on the back of his bicycle in a rural village just outside of Yangon.

These girls climbed to the top of this brick wall to watch us and talk to us as we passed by. They were full of giggles.

Chickens taking care of their daily responsibilities in the chicken coop.

A beautiful scene as we walked along a dirt road in a rural village outside of Yangon.

Elephant Brand cement is found throughout Southeast Asia, though it is a Thai company.  I just love its logo, don’t you?

A little boy eats a cup of rice in a rural village. We were visiting his family’s home and he didn’t quite know what to think of all the strangers.

An example of some of the detailed carvings along the posts as you climb your way up to the entrance of Yangon’s famous Schwedagon Pagoda.

The Schwedagon Pagoda at night as viewed from Kandawgyi Lake.

Just a picture of a random bicycle that I thought was cool.

These guys were carving a statue from a solid block of wood. Wood carvings and statues (particularly Buddhas) are very popular in Myanmar. The country is famous for its teak wood.

Pigs on a village farm were eager to pose.


Featured image: Buddha statues made of teak wood for sale at Yangon’s Bogyoke Market.