There was so much I did not know about Myanmar before we traveled there in January.

One of the lesser-known countries in Southeast Asia, Myanmar (also called Burma) dazzled our eyes and warmed our hearts. From its stunning landscapes, ornate temples, and friendly people, we found ourselves continually impressed by all Myanmar has to offer. Although there are plenty of beautiful sights to see in this country, we spent the majority of time volunteering at a series of orphanages throughout the country. Until a few years ago, Myanmar really wasn’t open to the West and placed greater restrictions on tourists and humanitarian aid workers. It’s amazing to see how far it has come in such a short time, though there is still much progress to be made.  

It was such a joy to spend our week with these kids and to learn more about how we can partner with these incredible organizations going forward. Instead of boring you with the details of what we did in Myanmar, I thought it more appropriate to allow you a glimpse of some of the beautiful children we developed friendships with during our trip.

I hope these images capture the unique personality of each child featured. Here are some of my favorites:

I hope these precious faces were a blessing to you, as they were to me.

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