When most people think of Angkor Wat, they usually picture crumbling stone temples with tree roots snaking their way around ornate doorways.

But if you noticed, those images were conspicuously absent from our photo essay on Angkor Wat. That’s because Angkor Wat is just one of dozens of temples in the entire Angkor complex. The quintessential images of the temples shrouded in tree roots are instead found in the temple of Ta Prohm, or the temple of Brahma the Ancestor. The Temple of Ta Prohm has been left largely untouched, still enveloped in the jungle that surrounds it. Because Ta Prohm is just simply amazing, it is also almost always swarming with tourists. The best time to visit is first thing in the morning — and I do mean first thing. We were only there for about 45 minutes before the place was swarming. (Might I even suggest heading to Ta Prohm at sunrise instead of Angkor Wat if you only have one day available to visit the temples? Seriously, this was a much more rewarding experience for me.)

Here are some of our favorite images captured at the beautiful Temple of Ta Prohm: