7 super shots from around the world

If you had to sum up your most amazing travel experiences in just seven photos, could you do it?

We’re talking narrowing down years — decades! — of travel into just seven shots? For the avid traveler, this is nearly an impossible task. You have thousands of photos, each carrying with it priceless memories. How could you possibly choose?

But when we were presented with the opportunity from Erik of On my feet or in my mind to complete the Seven Super Shots series initiated by Hostelbookers, we just couldn’t say no. This series asks you to identify seven of your favorite shots from your travels. It was a tough challenge, but we’ve given it our best shot.

1.) A photo that takes our breath away

Korcula, Croatia. We rose early to catch the ferry from Croatia’s Korcula Island to head to Hvar and were met with this spectacular sunrise, one of the highlights of our 2010 honeymoon.

2.) A shot that makes us laugh or smile

Madrid, Spain. Madrid’s Plaza Mayor is full of street performers at any time of day. Our favorite was the “Fat Spidey,” a man dressed as spiderman whose physique did not fit the usual part. Whenever he stepped away from his post, he would leave a wooden version of himself to stake his territory.

3.) A shot that makes us dream

Lima, Peru. Hang-gliders blissfully sail over the Atlantic ocean in Lima’s Miraflores district.

4.) A shot that makes us think

Jinja, Uganda. On our way to whitewater raft along the Nile River, we passed a day laborer taking a rest from his work in the fields. He appeared tired and contemplative.

5.) A shot that makes my mouth water

Burlington, Vermont. Delicious ganache-filled chocolates, in no short supply at Lake Champlain Chocolates, are just one of the many succulent treats you can enjoy while visiting Vermont.

6.) A shot that tells a story

Madrid, Spain. Last summer in Madrid, the Plaza Puerta del Sol was full of peaceful protesters dwelling in a tent city protesting the lack of economic opportunity for young people, resulting in widespread unemployment. This man had painted four canvases expressing different peace and social justice messages. The artwork was incredible.

7.) A shot that we’re most proud of (our National Geographic shot)

Entebbe, Uganda. Crowned Cranes, Uganda’s national bird, graze along the shores of Lake Victoria as fisherman work hard for their daily catch in the background.

And there you have it — seven of our favorite images from around the world!

If you had to pick the best photos from your travels, which would you pick and why? Feel free to share a shot or two from your travels on our Facebook page!

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  1. Jess @UsedYorkCity

    Love the shots, guys! This is gonna be one tough act to follow, but I’m super excited to have an excuse to look through all my photos! Thanks!!!

  2. Your shots are AWESOME!!!! Oh man, your national geographic one? LOVE IT!!! Well, I love them all. And I’m so very thankful you passed this one to me. I still haven’t gotten my ABCs done yet. This gives me an incentive to get it plus this one up PRONTO! THANKS again!!!!

    • Ellen

      Thanks so much! Croatia was one of the most beautiful places — if not the most beautiful — that either of us has ever visited. It’ll be pretty hard to top.

    • Ellen

      Thanks! I was intrigued by the cranes too, so unique looking. They are the figure in the center of the Ugandan flag, if you have a chance to take a look at it.

  3. I totally agree it’s a challenge to narrow it down to 7 photos, but you did a great job. Having read your previous posts, I wasn’t surprised to see the Lake Champlain Chocolates in the mouth-watering category. Yum! Really love the photo of the day laborer on the Nile — has me thinking.

  4. Very cool photos! I wonder which 7 I would choose from my travels. Oh, and I’m still looking for my Nat Geo shot. It takes skill to get such a wonderful pic.

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