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2 01, 2012

Beyond the Bucket List: 8 places to experience in 2012

By | January 2nd, 2012|Canada, Croatia, D.C., Dubrovnik, Hvar, Korcula, Lake Titicaca, Machu Picchu, Maine, Montreal, Nashville, New England, New Hampshire, New York City, Peru|14 Comments

My list is in the blue notebook, toward the back, hidden, and written in short-hand to avoid potential embarassment should I accidentally leave it in the back seat of a [...]

30 12, 2011

The Weekly Worldview: Puno Week Celebration

By | December 30th, 2011|Lake Titicaca, Peru, Weekly Worldview|0 Comments

29 12, 2011

2011 Travel Photo of the Year

By | December 29th, 2011|Lake Titicaca, Peru|5 Comments

I snapped this photo of a young boy in traditional local dress during our home-stay on Lake Titicaca's Isla Taquile. He was playing with several other children in the [...]

27 12, 2011

5 Things to do at Lake Titicaca

By | December 27th, 2011|Lake Titicaca, Peru, Travel Tips|21 Comments

Lake Titicaca is not always the top item on one's agenda when planning a trip to Peru.  It wasn't exactly the first destination on our list either; in fact, it [...]

21 12, 2011

Living like the locals: An overnight stay on Lake Titicaca’s Isla Taquile

By | December 21st, 2011|Lake Titicaca, Peru, Travel Tips|6 Comments

High atop the beautiful, windswept altiplano of Southern Peru lies the expansive and enigmatic Lake Titicaca– the highest navigable lake in the world and the largest lake in South America. [...]

19 12, 2011

Islands that Float: An introduction to Lake Titicaca’s Uros people

By | December 19th, 2011|Lake Titicaca, Peru, Portraits of Pangea, Travel Tips|4 Comments

Step off your boat, onto the hay, and meet the Uros people – a people shrouded in mystery, wrapped in myth and lore.  According to legend, they are the oldest [...]