The Belizian island of Caye Caulker (pronounced “key” Caulker) is known for its slow-paced lifestyle and no-worries attitude with a gorgeous Caribbean backdrop.

We spent about five days on the lazy island of Caye Caulker, so we had plenty of opportunities to experience one of its greatest charms: its sunsets. I’ve seen some beautiful sunsets in my life, but Caye Caulker’s definitely rank near the top with their vibrant hues of blue, pink, and orange.

Here are four of my favorite sunsets from our time on Caye Caulker:

I love how the image is divided into two frames, one pink and one blue. Even though the two colors blended together more in the sky, the reflection in the water divided them very starkly.

The previous night’s sunset had been pink and blue. This one was orange and yellow, but equally as stunning.

We watched the sun disappear into the sea.

A gorgeous blend of pink and yellow.

I love how each of these sunsets is different and conveys a very different mood in the exact same location. Which one is your favorite?


Where have you experienced the most gorgeous sunset?