After a full day exploring beautiful caves, climbing Mayan pyramids at Caracol, receiving armed military escorts, and riding for hours along the world’s bumpiest road, we were ready to relax.

We were ready to cool off.

We were ready to just get out of the bumpy van!

Along the road to the Maya ruins at Caracol, deep in the Mountain Pine Ridge area of the Belizian forest, lies a cool, relaxing oasis of waterfalls and swimming holes just waiting to be enjoyed and appreciated by weary travelers. Although it’s nothing spectacular (we’ve certainly seen more impressive waterfalls back home in New England), it nonetheless has its own beauty and tranquility … even if there are a few dozen kids going down the river in inner-tubes while you’re trying to drift off to sleep to the powerful, but steady sound of the flowing streams.

Although they can’t quite capture the full essence of this jungle retreat, here are some of our favorite photos from this beautiful oasis:



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